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    How to buy a franking machine

    Looking to buy a franking machine? Here are some tips when looking!

    Be Careful not to jump in feet first and buy or try out the first special offer that comes along. There are many hidden pitfalls to aquiring a franking machine.


When talking to a franking machine supplier, you will need to ask questions and ensure you cover all of the following points before ordering:

• Is the company a Royal Mail authorised maintainer and supplier of franking machines?

• How much do replacement ink cartridges cost?

• How many prints does the ink cartridge last with and without the printing company slogan or external return address. (Ask the company for evidence as this can be very different dependent on who you are talking to)

• Is there a cost for adding postage to the franking machine? If re-crediting is free, find out how many are free per annum and how much each top up would be after the inclusive ones.

• Many franking machines are re-credited down the telephone line, find out how much the call cost would be as some use premium ’090′ numbers that are charged at up to £1.50 per minute. (Please beware as the cost is not the only issue, many modern phone systems do not allow ’090′ numbers!)

• Is there a charge fee to update the franking machine or the postal scale with the new prices when the Royal Mail change their postage tariffs?

• If they promise free Royal Mail tariff updates find out how many are included and how much each one is after the inclusive ones. (The Royal Mail have changed some prices by up to as many as three times in on one year recently!)

• If you are signing a lease or rental agreement they usually all carry those annoying administration fees which would be payable with the first rental. Find out how much this would be, they can vary up to around £150.00!

• How much do the franking labels cost when mail franking onto larger items?

• How much does the logo stamp or external return address cost?

• How much does the annual service and maintenance cover cost and does this cover all breakdowns, call outs parts and the annual Royal Mail inspection? Also check if its onsite maintenance or ‘return to base’ (This could leave you without a machine for a prolonged period of time!).

• Does the company install the equipment and train the customer free of charge or is it delivered in a box for you to sort out?

For any further information about How to Buy, then please visit www.buy-franking-machine.co.uk this website will tell you everything you need to know and will help inform you on what to look for when buying a franking machine. You will also find a number of authorised franking machine suppliers.