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    Send Pro P1500 Franking Machine

    The ideal franking machine for 700 items per day.

    The Send Pro P1500 franking machine comes with a range of features, benefits and specifications. Get a quote & find out more below.

Mid to High Volume Franking Machine

The Send Pro P1500 franking machine is the perfect mid to high volume franking machine for any business that sends up to 700 items of mail every day. It comes with a automatic feeding system and it can therefore frank at an incredible speed of up to 120 letters per minute. An alternative speed of 60 letters per minute is also possible with certain features.

Mailmark Compliant

With the release of Mailmark technology, we thought it would be ideal to add this feature to our Send Pro P1500 franking machine. Now more people can benefit from using much lower franking prices and franking a 2D barcode with this mid to high volume franking machine. The traditional analogue line can even be dropped.

Smart Meter Compliant

As well as being Mailmark compliant, the Send Pro P1500 franking machine is also smart meter compliant. This means that businesses can access and use all VAT applicable services and products with the Send Pro P1500.

1200 DPI

Some of the best printing capabilities come with the Send Pro P1500 franking machine and this means your envelopes will look even better in the eyes of the customer. Clean and crisp impressions will be produced all the time.

Frank in Smart Blue or Black & White

The mid to high volume Send Pro P1500 franking machine is even capable of franking mail in either smart blue or black & white. This will give your mail items the professional image it needs.

Send Pro P1500 Specifications

View the most up to date Send Pro P1500 specifications below.

  • Frank up to 120 letters per minute
  • Automatic Feeding of Mail Items
  • Integrated 5 Kg Scale
  • Maximum envelope thickness of 16mm
  • Up to 50 departmental accounts
  • Smart Meter Franking Technology
  • Mailmark Franking Technology
  • PIN Security
  • All UK and Overseas Postal Rates Integrated
  • Envelope Text Message Entry
  • Automatic tariff calculation
  • Full Colour Touch Screen
  • 1200 dpi printing

Send Pro P1500 Options

View the most up to date Send Pro P1500 options below.

  • Frank up to 60 letters per minute
  • Weigh-on-the-Way (WOW) technology
  • Upgrade your scale to a 7, 12 or 35 Kg platform
  • Upgrade your departmental account amount
  • Various job memories available
  • Various Advertisements Available
  • Connect via WiFi or LAN connection
  • Frank mail in smart blue or black & white ink
  • Dynamic Online Automatic Weighing & Measuring
  • Automatic Label Dispenser For Parcels & Larger Items